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What is Transparent Plaque?

Orthodontic treatments are applied to correct gaping, irregular and crooked teeth. Today, transparent plaque treatment, which is not visible from the outside, stands out while in the past, orthodontic treatments were performed with metal brackets known as braces.  The earlier the problems related to the mouth-tooth structure are intervened, the easier the treatment process gets. As the orthodontic treatments are relatively longer, oral and dental health needs strict attention during this process. Transparent plaque treatment is among the new treatment methods developed for the patient to get through the treatment process as comfortably as possible since it is a long process.  The answer is often wondered for the question "What does the transparent plaque do?" as it is one of the new treatment methods.   In this content, you can find answers to these and similar questions about the transparent plaque.

What is Transparent Plaque?

Transparent plaque is a thermoplastic plaque that is specially produced in 3D printers according to the person's mouth and teeth structure. Transparent plaques are types of plaques that can be easily attached and removed from the teeth. Transparent Plaque Treatment which is also known as braceless orthodontic, is one of the innovative orthodontic treatment methods. In transparent plaque treatment, patient comfort and satisfaction are high. Transparent plaque treatment, which is preferred by patients as it is more aesthetic, has many advantages compared to conventional methods of treatment. Everyone's mouth and teeth structure or orthodontic problem differs. Transparent dental plaque is specially designed in a digital environment and produced for perfect fit. In transparent plaque treatment, the patient can also see how their teeth will look after the treatment in a digital environment. Transparent plaques allow the teeth to move in the direction they should be. Thus, the teeth settle where they should be during the treatment.

To Whom Can Transparent Plaque System Be Administered?

Transparent plaque can be administered to any age group, starting from children who have new teeth after their primary teeth fall out. Transparent plaque treatment can be administered when there are gaps, crookedness, rotations, crowding and closure problems in the teeth. However, classical methods are needed for serious skeletal and jaw problems. For this reason, it is decided as a result of the examination whether the patient's orthodontic problem is eligible for the administration of transparent dental plaque. How the teeth should move and how and how long the transparent plaque will be administered is determined as a result of the examination.  In some cases, transparent plaque is also administered after braces. The reason for this is that the teeth tend to restore to their former position after the treatment. The transparent plaque, which is attached after the braces are removed, ensures that the teeth stay where they should be. Retaining therapy is performed using a transparent plate for a period of time.

Why is Transparent Plaque Treatment Preferred?

There are many factors for why transparent plaque treatment is preferred by patients. These include:
  • Since the plaque is transparent, it is not visible from the outside and no one can know that you are under treatment.  That's why it is preferred for aesthetic purposes and can be used easily on special occasions.
  • As the plaques are easily removable, they can be easily removed for a short time when needed during the day.
  • Pain and discomfort are greater in the conventional brace treatment as the force applied to the teeth is higher. In transparent plaque treatment, the pain is little if any.
  • The more successful cleaning and hygiene of the plaques that can be easily put on and taken off are ensured.
  • While it is forbidden to consume certain foods and beverages in the conventional braces treatment, there is no restriction on eating and drinking in transparent plaque treatment.
  • When there is an important meeting or organization or you need to make long speeches, you can remove the transparent plaque to easily complete your speech.
  • In the conventional braces treatment, irritation and wounds may occur as a result of rubbing the cheeks and lips on metal brackets, while transparent plaque treatment does not cause such kind of wounds.

How Is Transparent Plaque Treatment Be Administered?

For transparent plaque treatment, first of all, whether the person is eligible for treatment is determine through an examination by the dentist. Afterwards, measurements are taken during the examination, and transparent plaques with a suitable structure are designed in the computer environment. In addition, the patient can see how their teeth will look after the treatment, in a computer simulation. The created design of transparent plaque is prepared using 3D printers in a period of approximately one week. When the plaque is ready, your dentist will call you and place the first plaque. Plaques need to be replaced at intervals of about one or two weeks. You should replace your plaque at the specified times as described by your dentist. In addition, your dentist will call you for check-ups at approximately intervals of one month. Through examination, he/she checks whether the treatment is progressing as it should. When the planned treatment period is over, your teeth will have positioned as you want. A retaining treatment is administered with the continuing use of transparent plaque for a while more.

What to be considered when using transparent plaque system?

Although the use of transparent plaque is easy, there are points to be considered when using it. These include:
  • The most important point to be considered is the length for which the plaque is worn, which is 22 hours minimum daily.
  • The plaque may be removed while eating or when a long speech is to be given, but it should be put back immediately when the work is done.
  • Since the plaque has  a thermoplastic structure, it is recommended to remove it while consuming hot drinks so that it does not deform.
  • Plaques should be replaced at weekly or biweekly intervals.
  • Particular attention should be paid to oral health and hygiene during plaque use.
  • Since the plaques are replaced at weekly intervals, it will be sufficient to clean them with water in their own container when removed during the day. If it is a plaque that is used for a long time for protection, then it is cleaned in its own container with special cleaning particles.

How Long Does Transparent Plaque Treatment Take?

As with any orthodontic treatment, a long time is required for transparent plaque treatment. The duration of treatment may vary according to the extent of the problem in the teeth and patient compliance. While mild and moderate orthodontic problems last for about 6 months with clear plaque treatment, treatment time may exceed 1 year in severe orthodontic problems. These times of course may vary according to patient compliance. The treatment is completed in the expected time when attention is paid to the minimum time for which the transparent plaque is worn during the day, the hygiene and cleaning of the plaque, and its replacement at regular intervals and the dentist's checkup. If these important points are not taken into consideration, the treatment period may take longer than expected.

What are the Prices for Transparent Plaque?

Orthodontic problems can be caused by jaw structure, tooth structure or position, closing problems. The problem may be slight gaps and crookedness, as well as highly crooked teeth and rotated teeth. Transparent plaque prices may vary depending on the extent of the orthodontic problem, the duration of the treatment, the specialist doctor who will perform the procedure, or the place where the procedure will be performed. The prices for dental transparent plaque to be administered vary depending on how many times the plaque will be placed during the treatment and how long the treatment will take. Orthodontic problems are problems that should be considered at an early age in order to avoid serious problems in later years. Orthodontic treatment is a long-lasting treatment that should be performed with precision and care. For this reason, the operation should be performed by expert orthodontists who are successful in the field under optimum environmental conditions. In our hospitals, transparent plaque treatment is carefully administered by expert orthodontists. If you want to get transparent plaque treatment, you can get information on the treatment process and prices of invisalign transparent plaques after examination by our orthodontists. 


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