Prosthetic Dentistry

Prosthetic dental treatments is one of the major specialties of dentistry that ensures the restoration of oral health, functions and aesthetic in the event of loss of teeth or damage to the intraoral tissues.     It also targets problems in chewing functions and correct utterance when speaking and psychological problems caused by toothlessness.  Closely related to many disciplines such as removable and fixed prostheses, implantology, maxillofacial prostheses, it includes a wide range of services depending on the amount of teeth and tissue lost and the expectations of the patient. 

Prosthetic Dentistry

The procedures such as application of removable prostheses, prostheses with removable-parts, total (whole) prostheses, fixed prostheses, crown, maryland bridges (adhesive bridges), bridge, laminate crown, telescope crown, inlay-onlay fillings, prostheses over implant are covered by the prosthetic dentistry.;

Fixed Prostheses

To apply fixed prostheses that have different length of use depending on the material used, first tooth is reduced and then is measured precisely.  The color of the dental prosthesis to be applied is decided together with the patient.  At this point, what is important is to apply a prosthesis in a shade exactly same as the other teeth.  In the next visit, the prosthesis made on the model is tried on.    Then, the contact of the prepared tooth with the other teeth and surrounding tissues is thoroughly checked.  Next, the dental prosthesis is tried on by the patient again and fixed if the patient is totally comfortable with it.  The adhesive residues are cleaned and the patient is given detailed information about the useful life of the tooth and oral care. 

Removable Dental Prosthesis

The removable dental prostheses which can be defined as appliances that can replace missing teeth are placed and removed by the patient.  They are used in the cases where natural teeth exist but there is no sufficient support for fixed prosthesis. Support is taken from the existing teeth and tissues during the application.  Removable prostheses are in 4 different types: Total Prostheses, Partial Prostheses, Immediate Prostheses, Prosthesis Over Implant