Root canal treatment, endodontic surgery operations, prevention of pulpa diseases and treatment of living pulpa, root canal retreatment in case of endodontic failure, whitening of the teeth undergone endodontic treatment, treatment of dentally traumatized teeth, post placement in root canal cavity to make coronal restorations possible are the subjects within the scope of Endodontics.     

Root Canal Treatment

The first step of canal treatment is take an x-ray to see the shape of the root canal and determine whether there is any sign of infection in a bone around it. After local anesthesia is administered, a hole is drilled into the tooth to reach the infected area. The tooth is cleared of pulpa, decayed nervous tissue and the relevant infection eruptions in this area along with the bacteria. The canal has to be enlarged to guarantee a full cleaning and effectively fill the canal. Canal instruments are used to enlarge the canal. This procedure is called as canal filing.  The patient feels no pain during this procedure as the residual nerves have been removed.  Water or sodium hypochlorite solutions are periodically used to clear both the eruptions resulting from filing and the residuals remained inside.  The tooth has to be sealed after being thoroughly cleaned.  Some dentists choose to wait for a week before permanently filling the tooth. Some others choose to seal the tooth on the same day as they clean it. If the root canal treatment is not completed on the same day, this cavity in the teeth is temporarily filled to avoid the accumulation of saliva and food residues in them.;