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What is Smile Aesthetics?

Smile aesthetics and design is the restoration of teeth and gums, which have deteriorated aesthetically due to some reasons, to their natural and ideal structure according to the individual's mouth and face structure. Those who are given smile aesthetics do not lose comfort while talking and eating, while they achieve the smile of their dreams. Changes in the structure of the mouth and teeth, speech disorders and elision of some letters may cause a lack of self-confidence in individuals. Many people who want to undergo smile aesthetics procedure want to have an aesthetic smile design because the stains and deformities on their teeth make them unhappy. Smile design can enable you to turn a new page in your life with the touch of a specialist dentist.

Why is Smile Aesthetics Performed?

Our appearance, way of speaking and the gestures and mimics we use make up the large part of our communication and social life. Problems such as the mouth and teeth not looking clean and neat while speaking, and the crooked teeth can affect the self-confidence of the person and cause physiological problems. Operations on the face and around the mouth can cause deformity in the gums, as well as the natural structure and shape of the teeth may be impaired due to impacts, impacts and accidents. In both cases, the smile design operation becomes a requisite for such individuals.
Aesthetic operations on the face are another reason why smile design is needed. The natural proportion of the face may change, especially in association with rhinoplasty. There may be a change, even if minimal, in the shape and structure of the mouth due to procedures such as lip augmentation and nose lift. In this case, the person may decide to have a smile aesthetic in order to return to her natural and usual look and to restore her face to its former proportion.

Who Can Have Smile Aesthetics?

In order to have a smile design, first of all, it is necessary to be examined and checked by your dentist. Smile design can be done if the general condition of the person and her oral and dental health are in good case. Not every tooth shape is suitable for everyone's mouth and tooth structure. For this reason, what is the most ideal among the suitable alternatives is decided after certain measurements and scans are made.  As a result, people who have tooth and gum problems and are uncomfortable with deformity can have a smile design if the dentist deems it appropriate.

How is Smile Aesthetics Procedure Performed?

Aesthetic smile design always follows a plan that is shaped according to the person. Different treatment and application types are determined according to the patient's tooth and gum structure. First, the smile line is determined and it is aimed to ensure the proportion of the face, teeth and mouth. It is determined whether there is anything that requires intervention in tooth lengths. Thus, if there is a look that will disrupt the proportion between the rows of teeth, it is corrected. If the patient has gaps and crookedness in the tooth structure, orthodontic and bonding applications are performed.
After the white part of the dental aesthetics, namely the teeth themselves, is planned, gingival aesthetic applications, called pink aesthetics, are performed. Periodontology is used to treat the gingival recession, deformity, swelling or a similar disease which the patient may have.   If there is staining or intense yellowing on the teeth, tooth whitening is applied in accordance with their natural color. Following tooth whitening, tooth coating applications such as porcelain, zirconium or laminate are applied if there are problems such as abrasion, breakage in the teeth or tooth deficiency.  If there is crooked tooth, orthodontic treatment is, likewise, performed. Not only the general health but also deformity of the teeth is important. For this reason, endodontic treatment is performed for decayed and broken teeth. Aesthetic filling applications are planned to ensure the shape and size harmony of the patient's teeth. In addition to all these treatments, special shaping and treatments can be added depending on the needs and desires of the patient. These additions are performed if the anatomical structure of the patient's mouth and teeth permit.

What are the Smile Design Steps?

The treatment of smile disorder is completed in three stages in total, being the imaging of the teeth and the planning of the treatment, temporary applications and permanent applications.
First, the intraoral film and scan are taken in 3D. The patient's smile, mouth structure and shape are photographed and examined from different angles. Then, all treatments are planned and the patient is explained in detail which procedures are done for what purpose. A digital demo of the final state of the patient's mouth and teeth is shown to the patient and the differences are summed up again.
At this stage, after all measurements and changes, the patient's try-on teeth are inserted. The adaptation process of the patient with try-on teeth is evaluated. If the temporary teeth do not fit the patient's gums and mouth, re-measurement is taken and planning is made. In this way, the smile design closest to the patient's natural tooth is made and individuals do not lose anything from their comfort.
While all these aesthetic applications are made, the problems that need treatment in the internal structure of the teeth are eliminated. Root canal treatment and fillings are completed in accordance with the smile design. After the patient approves all the try-ons, teeth and gingival shapes, the final touch is made to complete the permanent applications. After these procedures, patients can say hello to their new smiles and new lives.

What are the Benefits of Smile Aesthetics?

The answer to the question of "What is smile aesthetics?" and "why is it done?" is based on the general health of the teeth along with the visual needs. Natural teeth need treatment and regular care in many respects even if they are healthy. In particular, when the three basic oral care steps such as brushing, flossing, and interface brushing are not completed, decay and abrasions in the tooth enamel accelerate. Aesthetic smile design increases the durability of the teeth by providing all these care and renewals. As a result of the disappearance of aesthetic concerns such as smile disorder, self-confidence problems and related social problems may disappear. Thanks to Hollywood smile aesthetics, individuals who do not have to hide their smiles can express themselves more clearly and comfortably.
The patients will have a total new beginning after smile aesthetic through the treatment of the gingival recessions part from the appearance of them. Since smile dental aesthetics allows the completion of missing teeth, the patient's eating and chewing problems can be avoided to a large extent. Diseases related to clenching may also tend to decrease as the shape integrity of the teeth is ensured. After periodontologic treatment, the treatment of gingival bleeding and inflammation is completed. Impacted teeth and placement and deformities in teeth that will require surgical treatment in case of progression can also be corrected. In this way, patients can regain oral and dental health with simpler and short-term treatments instead of much more extensive surgical procedures.
In the hands of an experienced dentist, smile design would lead you to make a new start in life. Hollywood smile Istanbul prices may vary depending on the scope of the treatment. Hollywood smile prices depend on many factors such as city, dentist, how intense the treatment is. You can research smile aesthetics prices and choose the option that suits your budget. Remember that oral and dental health greatly supports the healthy functioning of all systems in the body, the prevention of harmful bacteria entering the body through the mouth, and a healthy digestion. Smile design, both visually and functionally, is one of the most important parts of physical and social well-being. Do not forget to apply for smile aesthetic treatment to have a healthy and aesthetic smile.

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